About Kay

IMG_0525Kay Luckett is a certified Life Coach and owner of Monarch Life Coaching. She earned her Life Coaching certificate when she completed the Yavapai College Life Coaching Program and is currently enrolled in the certification process for the International Coaching Federation. Kay was introduced to Life Coaching when she studied Social & Human Services at the college. She knew immediately that Life Coaching was for her.

Kay is both a coach and a “coachee” which means she is experiencing this empowering process at both ends of the spectrum. Additionally, she is a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie International, a process for exploring one’s thinking, moving past judgments, and recognizing the limiting core beliefs that stand in the way of mental and emotional clarity. All of these combined give Kay her unique approach to the Life Coaching experience.

Along with Life Coaching, Kay designs educational topic groups for local treatment facilities and teaches her curriculum which includes topics such as: boundaries, self-esteem, freedom from shame, and a new look at vulnerability as courage.

Formally owner and CEO of Memorable Occasions Events of Los Angeles, CA, Kay will always be interested in celebrations and delicious foods. She taught the “Business of Catering” at various community colleges and mentored students as they opened their own catering businesses. She currently writes a regular column for In Recovery Magazine where she includes her personal experiences in recovery accompanied by a recipe from her previous professional life.

All of these experiences and talents blend themselves together to give Kay her own individual and creative approach to life coaching.