What is Life Coaching


An empowering alliance for the purpose of furthering your goals & dreams

  • Tools for balancing your life
  • An interactive process that puts you in touch with the answers already inside you
  • A method for completing positive actions & obtaining your objectives
  • Creative and inspiring conversations that meet your agenda
  • A relationship in which you expand your personal power
  • Ways to focus on you as the client in order to manifest your intentions
  • Life Coaching is not: therapy, counseling, mentoring, no advice giving & there is no diagnosis
  • Life Coaching empowers you to discover what you really want out of life

Results of Life Coaching


Support, motivation, inspiration & structure

  • Action plans with follow through techniques that give results
  • A design for a purposeful life’s journey
  • A balanced life in all areas including: career, finances, relationships, recreation, hobbies, family, physical health & fitness, personal growth, social life, community involvement, education, faith & spirituality, self-worth, time & money management
  • Tools for holding yourself accountable to your desired payoffs
  • Measurable self-assessment regarding outcomes